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These 2 lovebirds write more love letters than you’ll believe

Most couples exchange a few love letters, especially during courtship. But this man has written a love letter every day for over 30 years.

74-year-old Bill Bresnan has written his wife, Kirsten, a grand total of over 10,000 love letters. What started out as a note scribbled on a napkin became periodic cards, and these turned into daily love letters. “They mean everything to me,” Kirsten said. “I have said that I would be so heartbroken if there was a night when I didn’t get a card.”

“If the world knows how I feel about this woman, then maybe, maybe, someone will say, ‘Gee, why aren’t I doing that? Why am I focusing on all the minutiae and all the nonsense instead of focusing on what’s real?’ This is real,” Bill said.

What a great way to show love to your spouse. Do you and your spouse have something special you do to show love?

Expressing love to your spouse is a necessary part of marriage and one of the keys to keeping your relationship strong. Whether it’s through written or spoken words, acts of service, the way you smile at each other or spending time together for date night, just make sure your spouse knows you love him or her.

If your marriage is important to you and you want it to last, you must work at it with your spouse.

Consider your spouse your best friend. Remember that you’re on the same team — playing to achieve the same goals in life. For more great marriage ideas, read these

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