Here 6 secrets to lasting love3

Here 6 secrets to lasting love

Finding love has its own challenges. But once you land the romance of a lifetime, how do you make your love last? Keeping the spark in your relationship can seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are six secrets to keeping your love alive in the long-term.

1. Focus on the feeling

Love and admiration based on your partner’s traits sounds like a good idea. But it can actually backfire and lead to loss of love in the end. Counter intuitively, it’s actually a bad idea to focus heavily on the things you love about your spouse. Over time, focusing on the feelings your partner gives you will better stand the test of time. Why? Because people change. And people are complex creatures who sometimes speak and act against their nature.

So, when your partner doesn’t act like themselves, it challenges your reason for loving them. If you focus on the things, you can start doubting your feelings for them. How you feel about your partner is more stable and easier to reconcile when challenged.

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