Here 40 ways long-distance love can thrive3

Here 40 ways long-distance love can thrive

So how do you nurture your marriage, feel close to each other and create a thriving marriage with so many miles between you?

You both need to be committed to making this work. You made promises to each other when you were married, promises that you should both be determined to keep even if you are separated for the time being.

Your spouse may have become casual about your relationship as the days and months have passed, but don’t you get discouraged! And please don’t even think about giving up! YOU can take the lead and choose to be intentional about nurturing your marriage (which will probably motivate your spouse to make more of an effort to stay close to you), and you can start today. Don’t lose hope. You can do this!

When our first son was just 16 months old, Aaron had an extended work trip in Moscow, Russia, for one month. It was long. It was hard. And we learned a lot. In fact, we became closer as a couple and came to understand each other in deeper ways than we previously had. Although we weren’t apart for as long as many of you may be, we feel like these suggestions may help you nurture your marriage — even from a distance.

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