16 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Romantic Love Today3

16 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Romantic Love Today

Don’t ask why do people fall in love, rather ask- why people should fall in love? There are plenty of reasons- WHY we should fall in love.

You possibly can remember that Harland Howard’s heartthrob song titled by “I WISH I COULD FALL IN LOVE TODAY” stormed in 1960. Is it too late? Ok, you know Noam Chomsky, the greatest Linguistics, professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology? Recently, in one Big Think show (2010) he told that “Life’s empty without it”. Buddy, don’t mess up ‘it’ with anything other than ‘Love’.

No matter what you are? Whether you are in broke up or novice, you need to filter out the reasons why you should fall in romantic love just today. Oh! You want to take the time today to read this write-up? Ok, then tomorrow!

Here are 16 reasons why we should fall in romantic love today.

Social Reasons To Fall In Love

1. Survival Is The Fittest

Even in the human evolutionary era, human beings fell in love with each other. They wanted to stand by together to keep them protected from the wild animals and adverse nature. Thus, they fell in love to make them survive in the society. Similarly, in the present busy world, you need a support of someone. Fall in love today; you will be in support tomorrow.

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