Top 8 Relationship Mistakes From My Early 20’s That I’ll Never Make Again3

Top 8 Relationship Mistakes From My Early 20’s That I’ll Never Make Again

1. Overthinking every single situation.

I look back at my former self in past relationships and wonder what the hell I was thinking. I spent so much of my precious time overanalyzing every little detail of every word a guy said to me. I’d replay certain situations and conversations in my head over and over again and try to make logical sense of them. Why did he like that girl’s picture on Facebook? Does a one word response mean he doesn’t like me? If he hasn’t texted me in three days does that mean he’s found someone else to talk to? Eventually I learned that it never needed to be so complicated. If a guy genuinely liked me, I’d know it without having to ask or pick apart his every move.

2. Chasing the guy who was never going to stick around.

I’d constantly chase the guy who would show signs that he was interested but wouldn’t put any legitimate effort into me. I’d hope that if I was consistent enough he’d eventually recognize that I was interested in him and then he’d feel the same way. The more I’d chase, the more he’d pull back. Dating has become a giant game of tug-o-war. I’ve cultivated the belief that you must find someone who’s going to meet you in the middle. If you feel like you’re putting in more effort than they are then it’s time to reevaluate the relationship. You will never have to chase a guy who’s truly into you

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