Check These 16 Signs He is Already Taken


1. He says he doesn’t like chat rooms … due to “There’s always disruptive teens in chat rooms”, “Can’t keep up with all the chat on the screen”, “it’s more personal to talk by IMs,” etc. The REAL reason may be: he has a wife / live-in lover who may “pop” into the room. OR, he may be stringing along more than just you and they might happen into the room and blow it for him … this results in a “cat fight” in the room.
2. You’re chatting by IMs and he’s suddenly slow to answer He may be shrinking / minamizing the IM screen when the wife/girlfriend/kids/grandkids walk into the room. Kids are very good at “telling Mommy / Grandma”.
3. He often asks you to resend your pic, that AOL “ate” his favs or etc. He may be deleting it so his wife / live-in lover doesn’t run across it when she’s using the computer.
4. His phone number is always either busy or no one answers He may have a separate phone line for his computer and gave you that number instead when you insisted on having his number. He may not want you to have his main number because “someone else” may answer.
5. The marital status on his profile is left blank He may have a wife/live-in lover and this way he can “verbally” pass himself off as being unattached.
6. His profile states: “Already taken” “My heart has already been won” etc. That may be to pacify the wife/live-in lover AND/OR to fool all the “fillies in his stable”, each one thinking that it means “HER”. Insist that your name be added to his declaration of “not available”.
7.He made a screen name “just for you” Aw, how sweet. OR is it to hide online from the wife or other online girlfriend(s), so he won’t be interrupted by them while he’s busy doing a number on you.
8.His best friend, brother, son or mother emails/IMs you verifying that he is divorced and what a real b*tch his wife was. It could be HIM using another name. At the same time he may “plug” himself, saying: what a great guy he is and how much he loves you, etc. There is NO LIMIT to the deviousness of players. TIP: watch for the same words he commonly misspells, same phrases/expressions/speech patterns, same font&font size&color, or same typing style — no caps or all caps, or no punctuation, or a lot of dashes, or a lot of ….’s, etc.
9.You’re talking on the phone and hear kids in the background He may say it’s the TV or it’s the neighborhood kids playing outside. He may have called while the wife is out shopping, at Bingo or her bridge game, etc. and those ARE his kids. OR he may tell you he has custody of his kids due to his wife was an unfit mother, or an alcoholic, etc., OR that the ex or Grandmother lives just around the corner and the kids drop in at his place often.
10.He has you to call him only at a specific time For example, he tells you to call after 9 o’clock because the kids (whom he has custody of) or visiting grandkids are in bed then. OR is it, the wife/live-in lover is at her job then.
11. You’re chatting and he suddenly signs off If this happens often, he may be signing off every time the wife/live-in lover/kids walk into the room and then tells you he got booted, or had a power failure, etc.
12. He’ll only give you a cell number or work number but never a home number. Chances are: he’s married or living with someone.
13. He always uses a calling card Could it be because he doesn’t want your number to show up on the phone bill?
14. He only calls during work hours He may be using only the company phone … because there’s a wife/live-in lover at home.
15. He doesn’t let you call Gives you the chivalrous line that he doesn’t want you paying for the long distance calls. Or is it, he may not want to chance “someone else” answering.
16. If you call at an unexpected time does he speak in a low voice as if he doesn’t want to be overheard, or is irritated that you called without notice, or says “now is not a good time to call”, etc?

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