7 Ways To Know If Someone Has Crush On You

Truth be told, everyone has a different way of acting towards someone they like. Here’s the other ways but take this all with a grain of salt as everybody’s unique (also these are mostly guy examples, there are a few female ones however):

1. The joker:

Usually a guy will attempt to make as many jests as possible to attract someone, but they tend to degrade in quality by the minute.

2. Female version of the Joker:

If a girl reciprocates feelings of the joker, she will laugh at whatever he says no matter how depressing his puns are.

3. The nervous person:

Some guys (and girls too) when they like girls get very nervous and timid. They often have difficulty speaking, low confidence, and trouble getting something along. They also get very frustrated after talking to someone they like as they feel like they totally messed it up.

4. The “I-don;t-know-how-to-deal-with-this”:

Usually a male, when they like someone, they tend to be mean to them. They push them away, or they insult them. Women who are like this are much more verbal than men,

5. The “rebel”:

When this person likes someone, they go insane. Seriously, insane.

6. The pessimist:

This person has been in a close relationship before, now they like someone again. However, they don’t want the heartbreak and are sad that they’re happy.

7. The wishy-washy: This person (usually a guy or an unhinged girl) likes more than one person. They find it hard to like only one person, and if they’re foolish, they go with one person, then move onto the next, and the next, until they have no soul left.

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