6 Best Way To Manage Different Personality In A Relationship

Managing a variety of personalities can be challenging for an employer who has a mix of Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomer employees. As a manager it’s your job to make sure everyone on your team is being as productive as possible, even if you have to treat everyone a little bit differently to do so.
The more effective you are at flexing your managing style, the more effectively your employees will carry out their assignments.

“Flexing your style means being versatile in how you lead, communicate and motivate. A tough approach propels one employee; mild-mannered encouragement inspires another. Being flexible requires proficiency in a range of techniques; to draw upon as needed.” Devora Zack.

Here are five takeaways you can use with your team:

1. What personality type is each of your employees?

Finding out if your employees are thinkers or feelers will make it much easier to manage them. Thinkers are more prone to making decisions based solely on logic, while feelers make their decisions based on relationships and value what is “good” over what is objectively best for the team. If you’re not sure who fits which type, gauge how they react the next time someone disagrees with them, and you’ll have your answer.

After identifying your employees’ personality types, you can adjust your managing style to their way of working. Be more sensitive to the feelers and focus more on your talking points when dealing with thinkers.

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