10 of the biggest deal-breakers for men on the wife hunt3

10 of the biggest deal-breakers for men on the wife hunt

The wife hunt. Anyone who knows a man in search of his “forever” knows that it can become a very serious quest. There are many things to consider and think about as a man chooses his bride. After all, marriage is a big step. Many men have a mental list of qualities they are looking for and qualities they are trying to stay away from. We often call these “stay away” qualities deal-breakers. And boy, are there a lot of them when it comes to marriage.

For the benefit of all of you women, I have compiled a list of the biggest deal-breakers for men in search of their future wife. According to them, men do not want a woman who …

1. Has unrealistic expectations

Men do not want to marry a woman who is impossible to please. It is exhausting to try to keep up with someone who has ridiculously high standards for everything. Truth is, Prince Charming is going to make mistakes sometimes. And he does not want to live the rest of his life feeling pressured to be perfect.

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