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12Must Do Waterfall Hikes Across the US

Waterfalls! There’s something magical about the cascade of water tumbling over one or more ledges to the river below. It catches your breath, makes you want to pull out your camera, even though you know you can’t capture the way the falling water makes you feel.

So here are 15 waterfalls across the US that I feel are worth hiking to see!

1. Niagara Falls, New York / Ontario, Canada.

Honestly, waterfalls don’t get more impressive than this. Take a nice long walk along the Canadian side of the falls for the best views, all the way up to Brink of the Falls where you can stand right next to the water rushing on its way over the lip of the Falls… Hiking distance varies.

Niagara Falls

2.Spray Falls, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.

This falls isn’t the easiest to get to if you actually want to see more than a group of pine trees, but by crossing the river, the size and magnificence takes your breath away. Visit in the afternoon for better lighting. And the great thing is that the trail to the falls has numerous little waterfalls along it, making for a double-great hike! 4.8 miles RT

Spray Falls3

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