Here 6 secrets to lasting love3

Here 6 secrets to lasting love

2. Conflict is not a four-letter word

There’s no reason to be afraid of conflict. Disagreements don’t undermine your relationship or hinder your love for each other. Avoiding conflict can actually be what causes your relationship to implode. Releasing tension as it builds helps you work toward harmony and a stronger relationship. That being said, arguments and fights should be fairly calm and always respectful. Never attack your partner or make accusations to gain the upper hand or escalate the situation. Instead, tell the truth to help them understand your hurt and see your perspective. Conflict helps you learn about yourself and your partner. In the end, the goal should be to resolve the issues at hand and grow closer and stronger as a couple.

3. Friends ’til the end

Maintaining your friendship through the years will do wonders to keep your love alive. Having a companion to walk through life with means having a shoulder to cry on, a buddy to laugh with and a safe space to really be yourself. Things don’t always need to be romantic to help your romance.

For instance, taking out the trash, doing the dishes and laundry, and getting through the to-do list without having to be asked or reminded are all amazing ways to spark some romance. Yes, there’s nothing really romantic about these acts, but they show appreciation which makes for a better love life. Likewise, spending casual time together as friends encourages a closeness and bond that will support your romantic love for years.

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