10. You read this because you thought it might apply to you3

Here 10 signs you’re in a better-than-nothing relationship

2. You feel guilty

You shouldn’t feel a pit in your stomach when you say I love you to your significant other. If you are feeling guilty about your relationship, chances are you are subconsciously aware that your boyfriend or girlfriend deserves someone who actually is invested in the relationship, and you’re not that person. It’s not fair to lead someone on in a relationship you know is based on convenience instead of affection. Being in a better-than-nothing relationship is selfish because you are preventing your partner from finding someone who truly cares about him or her.

3. You don’t think the break up will be hard

The thought of telling your partner it’s over doesn’t sound like the worst thing. You’re not even going to have to spend a single hour with Ben, Jerry or Nora Ephron. If you feel like not having that particular person in your life anymore won’t be a challenge, you aren’t in a relationship with that person because you really want to be with him or her.

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