19 gestures that make a woman feel absolutely adored3

19 gestures that make a woman feel absolutely adored

After the initial giddiness of falling in love dies down, it can be hard to find the little things that give your relationship sparkle. The thrill that once came from holding hands for the first time can become ordinary.

These 17 actions can bring delight into your relationship once again, and make your sweetheart feel how much you truly adore her.

Play with her hair

Women are actually like very large cats. Playing with her hair will immediately cause her to internally start purring. (Note: If your lady has naturally curly hair, do NOT do this without first asking permission.)

Kiss in public

Little kisses on the train or at the grocery store are sweet reminders you are proud to be with her. They also take you back to the beginning days of your relationship when a simple kiss was enough to make your head spin.

Bring up past conversations

Linking previous conversations into current ones shows her that when she talks, you’re not mindlessly thumbing through Instagram – you’re attentive enough to what she is saying that you’ll remember it later on. Remember her likes and dislikes and work those into the conversation as well.

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