12 Things Every Woman Wants In A Relationship2

12 Things Every Woman Wants In A Relationship

Even though every woman is different, I think that when it comes to relationships, we are pretty much the same. Because ladies let’s face it – we can all be a pain in the ass sometimes.

And gentlemen, pay attention to these 12 things that women want in a relationship but may not tell you.

1. She Wants To Feel Safe By Being Vulnerable With You

No matter how strong or independent a woman might appear – the truth is, we all sometimes want to be taken care of. A woman wants to feel safe around her man, and not just physically safe, but also emotionally safe. She wants to be able to confide in him and show him her vulnerable side without being judged.

2. She Wants You To Be Consistent

Women are tired of dating men who are acting all perfect for the first few months of the relationship, and then suddenly they show their true colors by turning into a whole different person. A woman wants someone who won’t cease courting her even when the initial “honeymoon” phase is over.

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