What CrossFitters Can Learn from Bodybuilding3

What CrossFitters Can Learn from Bodybuilding

I like to do silly things. If you read my article on attempting to run 100 miles in 24 hours with nothing but strength training behind me, then this statement won’t surprise you. While that particular endeavor was a glorious failure in the sense that I came up short by 38 miles, I learned so much about how my body works in those 24 hours that has since made me a better ‘athlete’ today. So when my training partner told me that he was going to get in shape for a bodybuilding show by sticking almost entirely to CrossFit® training, I was interested enough to follow him around with a camera and track his progression.

What CrossFitters Can Learn from Bodybuilding

CrossFit Kroy’s Head Coach, Ricky T, before and after

Honestly I expected Ricky’s attempt to go about as well as my run, but I was wrong. Eight weeks out from the competition, Rick had lost 10kgs, looked more muscular, was moving better, and was actually a little bit stronger. Which I suppose shouldn’t be surprising given that in recent years CrossFit has become a bit of a go to for the average guy or girl on the street who wants to lose a little fat and gain a little muscle. And for good reason, too: big compound movements, hard work, and good diet is a potent combination that works. It was working wonders for people long before it was neatly packaged and trademarked, back then though it was just thought of as lifting and conditioning.

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